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Loc: În întregime Marea Britanie (CV #135.490.369)

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Numele meu este Daniel sunt instalator cu 12 ani de experiență în domeniu.Sunt vorbitor de limba engleză și dețin deasemenea o calificare ca operator pe calculator.Doresc să lucrez în acest domeniul deoarece cred că experiența mea în cadru S.C DISTRIGAZ REȚELE-GAZ DE FRANCE ar putea ajuta.

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Daniel Borcan
44 Ani

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În întregime  Marea Britanie


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My name is Daniel Borcan , born 28 June 1974 in the town of Tirgu-Carbunesti in Romania but now live in the village of Bustuchin. I am married with no children.I speak english and i have a driving license. Your advert caught my attention and I see in this the great opportunity to work and do what I know best as a qualified plumber,gas central heating and to do this. My qualities and organisational responsibilities are pluses for the post. I graduated from high school in the town of Tirgu-Jiu, Gorj County graduated in 1992 electrical class wherein I qualified as an electrician.In 1996 April I qualified as a plumber, gas fitter and plumber heating. In 1997, I was committed to a company gas distribution "ROMGAZ-RA" in Bustuchin where I lived as a plumber and I worked here till November 2009. During this period, I took part in the transformation of society and its modernization since September 1998 in S.C DISTRIGAZ-SUD S.A Bucharest until the acquisition of the company by Gaz de France in 2004.That was my first job after graduation high-school youth and the desire to work and to enhance me in the field of gas amounted to permanent concern for me at work. Here I obtained all my professional skills in the field of logistic distribution.I learned to work with measure and control apparatus for detecting gas leaks.I participated in the detection of gas leaks from the gas station reception and with adjustable stop-measurement, distribution network, connections consumers, adjusting measuring stations of consumers, plants use up to consumer consumption appliances (thermal, gas stoves,convector gas,cooking machines etc.) I performed the works of intervention in distribution network connections clients in case it leaks were found and interventions at the request of consumers to remedy the breakdowns.I also carried out periodic verification of measuring stations of the clients and made revisions according to schedule, but checks and inspections of installation using gas. I attended execution of new distribution networks and facilities of connections for household or industrial.I worked both in steel and in polyethylene.I attended the installation of measuring gas counters or if metrology equipment should be checked. In 2001 I graduated from vocational training courses that help the programmer on the computer being recognized by Microsoft. I have organizational and communication skills, self-control, responsibility, initiative and I am willing to work hard as a plumber,plumber central heating and plumber gas insttalation. My interests outside of work are watching to TV at sports,walking to the mountains, navigate to the Internet, reading and music.

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